Where styling and sex appeal often guide your buying decisions, performance is often compromised or even lost in favor of cosmetic treatment. At Soundstream, you, our customers, expect more for your hard-earned dollars. Not only do you want products with outstanding cosmetic styling, you EXPECT performance.

The highest performance that you have come to know and love from products bearing the Soundstream Brand. You expect our products to be the pinnacle, the reference, which raises the bar and sets a new standard of outstanding performance coupled with edgy, aggressive cosmetic design. Why settle for a pretty face or an ugly sister. Soundstream Reference series subwoofers answer the call.

The R5 Subs is equally at home in a ported or sealed enclosure, so you can choose the sound you want for your system. You can wire the dual voice coils in a variety of ohm impedance, giving you extra versatility as your system changes.


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