Technical Support

Technical support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM PST to 4:30 PM PST at (323)724-4600. If Tech Support is busy, please leave a message, and you will get a return call within 24 hours.

For faster service, please email


Warranty & Repair

Products purchased from an online retailer have a 90-day warranty. If your return were purchased before 90 days, you would need to furnish a receipt showing that the unit was professionally installed.

Warranty returns are only accepted from purchases made directly from authorized online retailers. We do not accept returns from 3rd party marketplace resellers.

For more information, visit our Warranty page.


MHL MobileLink Software Updates

VRN-DD7HB Android 9 Update and Older (Older than 2021 Model)

(Above Not Compatible w/ Android Version 10 or 11 Phones)

VRN-64HB / VRN-74HB – Android 7 / 8 MHL Update [.zip | 22MB]

VRN-65HB / VRN-75HB – Android 7 / 8 MHL Update [.zip | 22MB]

VRCP-65 MHL Bluetooth Disconnection Fix

It is recommended that you use a separate blank micro sd card for this update. Avoid using the GPS Micro SD card to prevent any issues with your GPS software.


  • Extract the .zip update file
  • Copy the files onto the root directory of the micro SD card
  • Insert the SD card into the radio, turn on radio power
  • At the navigation interface select “I agree”.
  • Select easy connect.exe in the screen file select.
  • The system will automatically upgrade.
  • If the radio does not automatically go to update status, recycle power. Press the “I Agree” and unit should go through update.
  • Once complete, recycle radio power and test.


Aptix Headunits (Clock Updates)

Updates are now available for those who are experiencing clock issues with specific AptiX head units.

VR-65B –  VR65XB  –  VR-75XB –  VR-345XB  –  VRN-65HB


Ingenix Emergency Updates

Instructions for Ingenix Emergency Update

Accord Update

Elantra-Optima Update

Sonata Update