Soundstream Technologies engineering team is experienced in the industry, and we mission them with creating exclusive car amplifiers that offer high value in each price category. Whether you choose a model from our affordable Arachnid or Picasso Nano starters or one of our flagship Full Bridge designed Tarantula XP amplifiers, you benefit from the team’s experience and total quality assurance and innovation.

Soundstream has started with the idea that subwoofers are necessary and essential to any level sound system. Subwoofers have been front and center for us. In today’s complete lineup of models, the focus has always been between sound quality and competition. Design & Engineered locally helps answer what the market calls for, control what we create, and don’t misplace innovation.

Soundstream Technologies speaker line is directed to meet the world’s most demanding acoustic and enthusiast’s requirements. Utilizing our extensive testing and growing resources, we optimize each model for low distortion, high-output, and continuous in-car response.

Door speakers might not be the most powerful sound on the board, but they will make you much more satisfied when you play them loud inside your ride.

Soundstream created the Pro Audio line, which features a wide variety of midranges in various sizes. They deliver performance sounds that will make your hair stand up. This mid-range driver is designated to handle the most significant part of your audio system. Therefore, it is that a mid-range driver is made of good quality and is capable of low distortion.

Many musical recordings lack bass, and they say music soothes the soul. Poor control of your system can kill the harmonics of a beautiful song or a road trip. If you want to extend great-sounding music from your source unit to your subwoofer amplifier, make sure to include Soundstream’s BX bass restoration processor.

Installing a single amplifier or a multi-amplifier sound system, achieving good power and ground connections is essential to solid and pleasant performance.

Products specifically developed to provide consumers with today’s preferred features such as; Source units with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM ready solutions, premium digital amplifiers, and subwoofers to make your hair stand up. Quality continuously in our DNA; at Soundstream, we wanted to fully commit a line of products designed specifically for our most knowledgeable dealers to bring detailed information, continuous support, along with features you’ll LOVE.