Soundstream Technologies engineering team is experienced in the industry, and we mission them with creating exclusive car amplifiers that offer high value in each price category. Whether you choose a model from our affordable Arachnid or Picasso Nano starters or one of our flagship Full Bridge designed Tarantula XP amplifiers, you benefit from the team’s experience and total quality assurance and innovation.

Tarantula XP Amplifiers

HUGE High-Output Power Ratings. Tread lightly bass heads, this is full-bridge technology


Upgrade and restore lost frequencies from music built-in Bass Processor Amplifier


Excellent performance, maximum dependability, our flagship in sound quality amplifiers


Minimal requirements, micro footprint, stress-free/install any application attitude


Traditional sized high-output amplifiers, Electro starts and dominates our amplifier line up


Premium smaller/compact amplifier, designed and engineered in Korea


Premium performance and value amplifiers, Strappable bridge-mode ready monoblocks