DPA Amplifiers

Innovative and Korean made, DPA premium digital amplifiers bring a new approach to traditional sound processing. Tune precisely with push buttons to shift between settings, a single rotary confirmation dial shows tuning values in real-time on the top-mounted LCD screen. Accuracy and a stylish advantage to precise tuning car amplifiers again!

DPA models include a Monoblock, four-channel, and five-channel solution. Tuning full features such as subsonic frequencies, crossover points, bass boost value, and showing operating voltage and temperature on the top-mounted LCD panel. Included quick disconnect RCA inputs can be cut and hardwired for hi-level signal sensing input for OE systems.

Features include variable high-pass, low-pass, and bandpass filters, along with a variable bass boost and phase control. All setting are made by button and confirmed on the digital display. The high- and low-pass filters have unusually wide ranges (20-20K Hz) and steep slopes (48 dB/octave) to accommodate the widest variety of different tweeters, speakers, and subs you might use in your system.


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