With Soundstream’s Overhead rear-seat entertainment system, your DVD collection won’t gather dust at home anymore. This overhead monitor/DVD player solution gives the kids in the backseat some exciting options to stave off backseat boredom on long trips. In addition to playing DVDs, this system accepts video input from an iPhone®, iPad®, or video game console, making this one of the most powerful systems on the street.

Soundstream headrest monitors will work in wide variety of vehicles — the adjustable headrest post mounting system makes integration painless. Best of all, Soundstream includes black, gray, and tan covers to match your factory interior. You don’t have to modify your headrest, so you can remove the monitor system when you sell your car. A hard-wiring kit for powering the unit is included in addition to a portable 12-volt powering option.

If you want to add video capabilities to your vehicle, you’ve got a couple of choices. You could change the stock receiver to a DVD or multimedia receiver, or you can add a stand-alone DVD player like the Soundstream VDVD-165 to your existing aftermarket car stereo. Each route has its advantages, but in many cases, you may prefer to go with a stand-alone player — for example, it’s a great choice if you’re putting a system into an RV.

Wireless headphones give you a convenient and different way to enjoy the sound from your mobile video system. Soundstream wireless headphones feature a large, over-the-ear design that ensures that you hear soundtracks clearly while they remain unheard by everyone else in the vehicle.