DPA Series 2,000w Class D Monoblock Amplifier

MAX Power 2,000 Watts
RMS Power @ 4Ω 250w x 1
RMS Power @ 2Ω 400w x 1
RMS Power @ 1Ω 700w x 1



Soundstream Digital Pre-Amp amplifiers offer-up an innovative approach to traditional sound processing. DPA amps include a digital signal processing integrated circuit module that opens the door for precise tuning of crossovers & gain settings. Keeping the user in mind, all functions are controlled by top surface mounted keys, needing only a finger press & knob turn. Selected crossover frequencies and gain levels are displayed on an adjacent LCD, showing operating voltage & temperature while idle. Full-featured pre-amp options, including band-pass & subsonic crossovers, bass boost, & even variable phasing make DPA amps a go-to for any enthusiast.


  • High-Efficiency Class D Full-Range & Monoblock Amplifiers
  • Hybrid Aluminum Alloy Heatsink for Optimum Dissipation
  • 1-ohm Minimum Monoblock Impedance Stability (DPA1)
  • MOSFET Power Supply w/ Audiophile Grade IRTM Transistors
  • Military Grade SMT PCB Maintains Dynamic Performance
  • Direct Short, Thermal, & Overload Circuits Protect Amplifier
  • Advanced Digital Pre-Amp Processing for precise tuning
  • 200mV-6V High/Speaker Level or Low Level/RCA Input
  • Quick Disconnect High Level & Low-Level Wire Harnesses Included
  • Quick Disconnect Speaker level Output harnesses Included
  • Low-level thru-pass output to Daisy chain multiple amplifiers
  • Variable 12dB High, Low, Band-Pass, & Subsonic Crossovers
  • Dash Mount Gain Control Module Included


MAX Power 2,000 Watts
RMS Power @ 4Ω 250w x 1
RMS Power @ 2Ω 400w x 1
RMS Power @ 1Ω 700w x 1
Dimensions (4″W x 1.75″H) 9.00″