Reference R3 12″ Dual 2-ohm Subwoofer, 800w RMS

RMS Power (watts) 800
Efficiency (1w/1m) 84.66
Voice Coil Configuration 2.5″ DVC 2Ω


  • Woven Fiberglass Composite Cone
    All Reference R3 woofers use fiberglass stranding woven together for ultimate strength and less elasticity. A heavy soaking in epoxy combined with the sonic qualities of pulp paper backing proves itself worthy of any system.
  • 100% OFC 4-Layer Voice Coil
    R3 woofers use generous 1.50″ long, 2.5″ diameter 100% OFC Copper voice coils. A vented Aluminum former extract and dissipate any heat build-up, resulting in improved power handling.
  • Extended Excursion Polyurethane Surround
    Polyurethane is a foam compound used in the manufacture of countless gasket and insulation products, known for its adhesive bonding properties. Reference R3 woofers utilize an extended excursion polyurethane surround for its strength and flexible properties during extreme movement.
  • Back Plate & T-Yoke Venting
    Heat build-up is a leading cause of catastrophic woofer failure. Venting built into the T-Yoke, backplate, and voice coil extract and dissipate heat, ensuring R3 woofers keep their cool.


RMS Power (watts) 800
Efficiency (1w/1m) 84.66
Voice Coil Configuration 2.5″ DVC 2Ω
Mounting Depth 6.875″
Optimum Sealed ft3 1.5
Optimum Ported ft3 2.25


Soundstream R3-12
Imp. (Ohm) D2
Re 2.1672
Fs (Hz) 33.72
Qes 1.1741
Qms 6.2245
Qts 0.9878
Le (mH) 0.9794
Diam 12
Vas (L) 59.8989
BL 10.4883
Mms (g) 281.2842
Sen (db) 84.66
RMS 800
Mounting D 6 7/8″
CutOut Diam 11.5


Recommended Enclosures
Sealed Opt 1.5 ft²
Ported Opt 2.25 ft²
Port WxL 6″x7″
F3 (Hz) 34


Owner’s Manual (PDF)