As if harnessing power into the original Stealth amps wasn’t enough, Stealth Shot 500w amps take the mini amp game to the next level. Using the latest integrated circuit Class-D full range amplifier technology never before has this level of awesomeness been packed into an even smaller 3” chassis.

The line-up includes a Quad Shot 4 channel, Double Shot 2 channel, and a Single Shot monoblock. Each configuration has sufficient pre-amp crossovers for any system, accepting hi-level or low-level audio signals. For applications without a source unit, consider linking these pocket-sized shooters to the Bluetooth-enabled Stealth 4-channel.

Don’t let these little monsters fool you. The latest and greatest of Class-D full range technology are small but very mighty. Once regarded as “dirty power”, Class-D stable performance, thanks to high power capability, maximum efficiencies, and low tolerance components, rivals traditional full-range applications. Minimal power requirements, ultra-micro footprint, unbelievable sound quality, and easy install make Stealth amplifiers great for any car, motorcycle, boat, or off-road vehicle…

Stealth series amplifiers include a 4ch model with built-in Bluetooth. Seamlessly connect your cell phone or other enabled smart device for continuous audio playback at your fingertips. A great addition to off-road vehicles, motorcycles, or personal watercraft missing a source unit.