X5.15 Subwoofer

Limited Edition – Team Subwoofer
Max Power7,500 Watts
RMS Power3,500 Watts
Net Weight74 lbs
Voice Coil Configuration4″ – 1Ω DVC


Soundstream overheard, and we listened. “Design a subwoofer for SPL!” The Limited Production X5 Series Subwoofer was designed for bass heads by bass heads. These monstrous subwoofers have exceptional specifications; 4” Dual 1Ω Voice Coils, numerous large vents for fast heat dissipation, beefy triple-stacked magnet assembly, and 8ga Duplex direct wire hookups.

X5.12 and X5.15 were crafted to help Team Soundstream move in the direction past standard production subwoofers. These pair nicely with the newest Soundstream amplifier arsenal, the “Tarantula XP” High Output series. Both subwoofers can handle up to 3,500w RMS… which is sure to set off some alarms!

Note: If you are wiring this DVC sub for lower impedance, make sure that your amp is compatible. ½ Ohm is wild…


Specifications X5.15
Max Power7,500 Watts
RMS Power3,500 Watts
Efficiency (1w/1m)88.3
Voice Coil Configuration4″ DVC 1Ω
Mounting Depth9.50″
Optimum Sealed ft32.00″
Optimum Ported ft34.50″


Thiele/Small Parameters

Imp. (Ohm)Dual 1
Fs (Hz)40.18
Le (mH)1.0274
Vas (L)36.97
Mms (g)334.74
Sen (db)88.3
Mounting Depth9.50″


Recommended Enclosures
Sealed Opt2.00 ft
Ported Opt4.50 ft
Port WxL4″ x 15.75L”
F3 (Hz)28.3


Single Woofer, Series Wiring

Connecting the two voice coils of the sub in series (+ to -) will score the following impedance:

Dual 1Ω Subwoofer: 2 Ohm Final

Dual Woofers, Series Wiring

Connecting the two voice coils of each sub in series (+ to -)and the sub themselves in parallel will score the following impedances:

(2) Dual 1Ω Subwoofers: 1 Ohm Final


Team Subwoofer Owners Manual [PDF]