MR5.2000D Amplifier

Rubicon Water-Resistant 5Ch Amplifier
RMS Power 4Ω75W x 4 + 300W
RMS Power 2Ω100W x 4 + 500W
RMS Bridged 4Ω200W x 2 + 500W (2Ω)


We’ve adopted the most optimum Class D performance, reliability, and smaller footprint platform for the Rubicon Nano series amplifiers and present to you Rubicon Nano. At first glance, you’ll notice this amplifier’s color; that’s the coat and finish to help this marinized model work for Marine or Powersports applications. Rubicon Nano’s signal inputs, power/ground, and speaker connections are all relocated to the leading edge of the chassis for an easier, more attractive install. All pre-amp & crossover options are appropriately located on the top surface, making adjustments after installation conceivable. You might not notice embellishments to the circuit board, including increased power supply & output stage components & Monoblock bridging capability.


Max Power2,000 Watts
RMS Power @ 4Ω75W x 4 + 300W
RMS Power @ 2Ω100W x 4 + 500W
RMS Bridged @ 4Ω200W x 2 + 500W(2Ω)
Remote Gain ControlIncluded
Low Pass Filter50Hz-500Hz / (x10) 500Hz-5KHz
High Pass Filter50Hz-500Hz / (x10) 500Hz-5KHz
Bass Boost0-18dB (Ch 5)
Bass Boost Frequency45Hz (Ch 5)
Subsonic Filter20Hz-50Hz (Ch 5)
Frequency Response10Hz-50KHz (Ch 1-4) / 10Hz-150Hz. (Ch 5)
Input Sensitivity200Mv-6V
Operation Voltage9V-16V DC
Fuse Rating30A x 3
(8.25″W x 2.75″H)
12″ L


Owner’s Manual [PDF]