WTS-6B Speakers

Premium Water-Resistant Speakers
Size and Configuration6.5” 2-way
FinishGloss Black
MAX Power300W
RMS Power150W


WTS Wake Tower Speakers offer maximum performance in the open-air environment of any boat or off-road vehicle. WTS systems use the best materials to defend against the potentially damaging effects of water and UV sunlight and impact resistance considering extreme outdoor conditions. Each WTS enclosure is pre-wired for the optional LED rings and spot light, making future add-on simple. Additional options for WTS enclosures include bright white or RGB LED grill rings and a rear-mounted high-intensity LED spotlight.

Immediately available WTS sets include 6.5” & 8” coaxial, in brilliant gloss white and black. Available now in time for the 2020 boat/UTV season, an additional 8” coaxial set will feature a high-efficiency horn-loaded compression tweeter and midrange driver.  Whatever your application, WTS speaker systems are guaranteed to carry your tunes across any lake, river, or desert.

Enclosure Construction

WTS enclosure construction begins with Centrex, a USA material that offers incredible advantages to traditional polymer materials. Centrex is resilient to extreme temperatures, chemicals, & weathering while maintaining impervious structural density. WTS enclosures resist harmful sunlight from deteriorating its brilliant coloring thanks to a UV inhibitor blended with the raw Centrex material.

Following the concept of superior materials, WTS mounting clamps are cast aluminum, with adjustment to 2.5” diameter, and can rotate 360 degrees. Included rubber inserts accommodate installation to most round or oval watercraft wake towers and off-road vehicle roll cages. All speaker, LED ring and LED spotlight pre-wire passes through the mounting bracket center, keeping all wiring contained in a dry environment.

Speaker Characteristics

Coaxial speakers of WTS use waterproof materials, including blended polypropylene-mica cones, titanium dome tweeter, and rubber gaskets around the tweeter bridge. Under the speaker frame, a neoprene gasket prevents moisture from entering the enclosure, eliminating the possibility of electrical shorting. Color matching grills made of Centrex and a stainless steel mesh over the tweeter prevent harmful damage by rogue debris.

Add Ons

Optional LED Spot Light 

Pair (2) of 6.5” RGB LED Speaker Rings