Car Multimedia Entertainment w/ Dual 7″ HD Motorized Touchscreens

  • Dual 7″ Motorized Capacitive HD Touchscreens
  • GPS Turn by Turn  Navigation Powered by iGO Primo
  • Android PhoneLink MHL Smartphone Mirroring
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free & Music Streaming
  • Media playback from DVD/CD & Rear USB
  • Back-up Camera Input w/ 12v Trigger
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Soundstream’s Dual Display Multimedia System is the first of its kind, enabling multitask functionality in a car stereo application. Concurrent operating systems running allows the user to operate the two different platforms simultaneously. The user has the option to control the included iGO powered GPS system on the upper display, or Android PhoneLink which mirrors the screen of their enabled smart device. The second operating system allows for the usage of typical features of a car multimedia system; DVD, Bluetooth Connectivity, audio/video media playback by USB, FM receiver, rear-view camera, etc.

Extensive details were considered for the build of this unique application. Each high-resolution TFT-LCD display includes a capacitive touch screen panel, mimicking the interaction and experience of today’s smart devices. In an effort to ensure mechanical reliabilities, the independent motorization mechanisms use alloy steel gearing and high torque drive motors, capable of standing up to the abuse of today’s road conditions.





GPS Turn-by-Turn navigation for all 50 USA states. Set your destination to any of nearly 17 million points-of-interest, Address, or unique GPS Coordinate location. Follow the on-screen directions or audible text-to-speech commands, including lane departure guidance. Additional features include favorites list, programmable home destination, route fuel estimates, male & female selectable voices, speed limit warnings, & more.

For Map Updates & More Information Visit  Navi Extras

PhoneLink for Android enables complete control of select Android smartphones and tablets by the source units operating system. Conveniently launch any application, post social media updates, or play your videos and all other content on your mobile device. Your smart device display is mirrored to the head unit’s larger LCD screen via a simple USB connection. Even activate your phone’s default artificial intelligence assistant/voice command with push-to-talk (PTT). PhoneLink for Android ensures a safe, hands-free operation of your smart device without distraction. When connecting the smartphone for the first time, the head unit will upload an app to the device. Once installed, the app will automatically launch as a background task each time the phone is connected.

Soundstream multimedia source units feature built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing the safe integration of smartphones and other devices into the car audio system. A2DP and AVRCP profiles allow for wireless audio streaming from the mobile device to the car stereo. Select media players and 3rd party apps can be controlled from the receiver’s touchscreen while enjoying quality sound from the car audio system. Phone calls can be accepted or rejected via the receiver’s on-screen interface, using most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. If allowed, contacts list and call logs are transferred to the receiver for easy recall.

Soundstream DVD drives playback traditional DVD movies, as well as MP4 and Xvid/Divx video files from DVD-R discs. CD-only products playback traditional CDs, as well as  MP3 and WMA audio files from CD-R discs.

Select Soundstream head units to feature full-size or micro SD memory card slots. Playback MP4 Xvid/Divx videos from a USB flash drive or SD card. Playback resolution compatibility & maximum capacity limitations will vary for each product.

Soundstream receivers feature USB ports and Auxiliary (3.5mm) audio input, some on the front panel for easy connection. Playback MP3 audio and MP4 video from a USB flash drive or pass audio from external media players to the car audio system.

We demand top performance of our mobile devices to meet our social media and content streaming needs. To keep up with rapidly changing design trends, our mobile devices tend to rely on limited energy capacity, utilizing every efficiency to prolong the charge of the battery. Select AptiX source units to feature USB Adaptive Fast Charge technology, reducing the necessary downtime to get you moving again. AFC has the potential to recharge enabled mobile device batteries from zero to up to 50% in about 30 minutes. (USB cable not included)

All Soundstream receivers with a color LCD include a composite RCA input for a universal back-up camera, making the vehicles blind spot(s) visible. Select products include an on-screen distance gauge, showing an estimated distance to objects. Several source units also include a front-facing camera input, a great aide while performing parking maneuvers.

Some models in addition secondary front camera input. With an onscreen trigger, this is sure to help you at the time of parking with low curbs or hard to determine obstacles

Offering 7 color combinations, the RGB feature allows the user to customize the color illumination for buttons and other faceplate accents. Match the receiver’s illumination to the vehicle’s interior lighting or create a color to fit any mood.

A capacitive touch panel with SmartSense sophisticated sensors pinpoints the location of your finger by absorbing the conductivity on the surface of your skin. The crystal-clear glass surface improves image quality, enhancing the viewing experience.

All Soundstream multimedia source units feature a steering wheel remote control receiver. While select units include a dedicated single wire connection for 3rd-party interfacing modules, most have a typical 3-wire system. The 3-wire system allows manual programming of the SWC receiver directly to the vehicle, without the need for a 3rd-party interface.


Select multimedia source units to include an 8 or 10-band graphic equalizer. Users can tune the audio to their tastes by increasing or decreasing the level of the various frequencies. Several pre-set genre EQs are included.

Each Soundstream head unit features a Class A/B integrated circuit audio amplifier built-in. It’s 75 watts peak power is sufficient for most factory car speakers. Sound staging options include balance, fade, and a bass & treble level adjustment.



      • Dual 7″ Capacitive HD Touchscreen Receiver
      • Android PhoneLink mobile device integration and mirroring
      • Built-in GPS Navigation powered by iGo Primo
      • SmartSense Glass Panel Touchscreen Technology
      • Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling from Enabled Phone
      • Accepts OEM Steering Wheel Control Interfaces
      • Built-in Front Panel Bluetooth Microphone


Media playback features:

      • Plays DVD, VCD, CD-RW, CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-RW
      • MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC Audio Playback on CD/DVD/USB Card
      • MP3 ID3 tag information, display artist and song information
      • JPEG / PNG / BMP image playback on USB or DVD
      • H.264/AVI/MPEG-4 Video Playback on CD/DVD/USB/SD Card
      • FLAC Audio Playback for high definition audio downloads


Navigation Features:

      • Built-in GPS Navigation powered by iGO Primo
      • Nearly 17 million points-of-interest programmed
      • Text-to-speech commands, including lane departure guidance
      • Speed limit warnings
      • Fuel mileage estimates


Bluetooth features:

        • Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling from Enabled Phone
        • A2DP Wireless Audio Playback from Enabled Device
        • Built-in Front Panel Bluetooth Microphone
        • Wireless Music Browsing


Inputs and outputs:

      • 2 – 4V preamp outputs (Front and Rear)
      • 1 – 4V preamp outputs (Subwoofer)
      • 1 – Rear Camera input
      • 2 – Video Output
      • 1 – Rear USB Pigtail
      • 1 – Radio Antenna Pigtail
      • 1 – Rear GPS receiver Input


Owner’s Manual (PDF)



Android 9 MHL Software Upgrade

VRN-DD7HB Update File (.zip | 28MB)

It is recommended that you use a separate blank micro sd card for this update. Avoid using the GPS Micro SD card to prevent any issues with your GPS software.


  • Extract the .zip update file
  • Copy the files onto the root directory of the micro SD card
  • Insert the SD card into the radio, turn on radio power
  • At the navigation interface select “I agree”.
  • Select easy connect.exe in the screen file select.
  • The system will automatically upgrade.
  • If radio does not automatically go to update status, recycle power. Press the “I Agree” and unit should go through update.
  • Once complete, recycle radio power and test.