Closed Cell Polyurethane Surround

A strong and flexible heat resistant compound, nitrile butadiene rubber is used widely in automotive applications. Rubicon woofers utalize an extended excursion nbr surround for it’s strength and flexible properities during extreme movement.

Back Plate & T-Yoke Venting

Heat build-up is a leading cause of catastrophic woofer failure. Venting built into the T-Yoke, back plate, and voice coil extract and dissapate heat, ensuring Rubicon woofers keep their cool.

Overcast Stitched Cone Assembly

Surrounds of Rubicon woofers are double overcast stitched directly to the cone surface. In addition to superior adhesives, overcast stitching improves the conventional bond between cone and surround.

100% OFC 4-Layer Voice Coil

Rubicon woofers use generous 1.25″ long, 2.00″ diameter 100% OFC Copper voice coils. A vented Aluminum former extract and dissapate any heat build-up, resulting in im proved power handling.

  • RUB.154

    Rubicon Series Dual 4-Ohm 15″ Subwoofer, 550w RMS

    RMS Power (watts) 500
    Efficiency (1w/1m) 86.97
    Voice Coil Configuration 2″ DVC 4Ω
  • RUB.124

    Rubicon Series Dual 4-Ohm 12″ Subwoofer, 500w RMS

    RMS Power (watts) 500
    Efficiency (1w/1m) 85.67
    Voice Coil Configuration 2″ DVC 4Ω
  • RUB.104

    Rubicon Series Dual 4-Ohm 10″ Subwoofer, 450w RMS

    RMS Power (watts) 450
    Efficiency (1w/1m) 87.3
    Voice Coil Configuration 2″ DVC 4Ω