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Reference Series 1,000w Class G Monoblock Amplifier
RMS Power @ 4Ω, 14.4V -
RMS Power @ 2Ω, 14.4V 1,000
RMS Power @ 1Ω, 14.4V 1,000


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Optimized Component Layout

Every semiconductor component necessary for Reference amplifiers were painstakingly arranged on an original circuit board design for optimal stereo separation, noise induction resistance, and superior performance. Only low tolerance components are used in the signal path; <1%  resistors & <5% capacitors.  

Differential RCA Inputs & Signal Paths

Differential signaling in an amplifier is transmitting the audio signal by two separate paths using paired traces. The technique of sending the audio signal by these differential pairs increases resistance to external interferences & electromagnetic noises. Additionally, differential feedback from the speaker terminals surrounds the power-amp stages, resulting in uncolored sound reproduction & elimination of ground loops.

Triple Darlington Audio Output Stages

Three sets of transistors drive one another for increased current gain. Pre-Driver Transistors feed Driver Transistors, which feed the final Output Stage Transistors. General amplifier technology employs only Driver Transistors and the Output Transistors. Every stage powering the next reduces load stresses, increases current gain, and ultimately avoids added distortion.

Individually Sequenced Output Stage

The biasing of each channel of a Reference amplifier is independently sequenced, ensuring proper operating conditions. The consistency of current and voltage flow optimizes sound quality by eliminating current or voltage spikes.

Separated Capacitor Current Paths

Power supply & pre-amp capacitance bank charging and discharging paths travel separate from each other. Separated traces prevents rail switching spikes and ground loop traces that could cause unwanted distortion. Additionally, the low ESR capacitance banks compensate power supply ripple currents.

Hawkins Boost Control

Select Reference amplifiers feature a variable Hawkins bass boost circuitry, developed by Soundstream nearly 20 years ago. The variable frequency bass boost is set with up to 10dB gain. Simultaneously, a 12dB subsonic crossover trails the boost frequency. So, the Hawkins circuitry cuts off rapidly below the boost frequency, preventing damage to speakers or woofers that could have been damaged by the overdriven, nearly inaudible lower frequencies.

Additional Key Features

  • Sequenced Delays Eliminate Residual Power-Up/Power-Down Pops
  • Stout 2 Oz. Copper Traces Effortlessly Transfer High Volume Internal Current
  • Individually Regulated Preamp/Crossover Power Supplies Ensure Signal Purity
  • 1-Ohm Stable Class G Monoblock
  • Accepts Balanced Signal from BLT – Balanced Line Transmitter
  • Continuously Variable 12dB Crossovers
  • Dash Mount Remote Gain Control
  • Isolated 4ga Power and 8ga Speaker Terminals
Channels 1
RMS Power @ 2Ω, 14.4V 1000
RMS Power @ 1Ω, 14.4V 1000
Total Harmonic Distortion (4Ω power) 0.02%
Frequency Response 15-200Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (4Ω power) 102dB
Damping Factor (100Hz, 4Ω) >2000
2.25"h x 9.875"
Channels 1&2 LPF  (12dB Slope) 50-200Hz
Subsonic Filter (24dB Slope) 24dB 15-50Hz
Phase Control Switch 0 or 180°
Remote Gain Control Included
External Fuse Required 150 A

Soundstream is a brand that operates under the umbrella of Epsilon Electronics Inc - a company who specializes in the automotive electronics audio/visual industry. Dating back more than 30 years, Epsilon Electronics Inc. has been a pioneer in the audio world with visionary products for both the home and vehicle. As an innovator, Epsilon introduced several mobile video products, securing significant global market share in a young, evolving technology.

Soundstream has been the leader in mobile audio engineering and performance for the past 20 years. The vision has remained constant throughout this period. "Bold engineering and unconventional thinking will bring out nothing but the best in both our product and our people". This vision has earned Soundstream over 90 industry awards for innovation and performance.